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PostSubject: NOTHING LEFT BEHIND!   Wed May 09, 2012 11:58 pm

~ Spitta is shown at a public speaking event, just getting ready to leave. He talks about his life, his future in AWO and signs some autographs at this event. The event lasts about an hour or so. He finishes up his speech as he gets into his car and drives to the AWO arena. The camera follows him into the building as Spitta begins to speak. ~

This Matt Knoxville guy is nothing near me. He likes to play little pansy games like getting the cameramen scared and what not. You don't scare me, bud. I don't need to know how good this guy thinks he is. His wins come from Don Manly carrying him through every tag match he's been in. Show me your stuff in a singles match, kid. You're welcome to step up and get fucked up. Hell, I see that you're already stepping up and trying to be some big shot in AWO and get your name heard. Does anybody know who you are? I sure as hell don't. And I sure as hell don't want to know. And you go on and say that your matches last five minutes. C'mon bud, let's be real now. It takes your old ass five minutes to throw a jab.. At the PEOPLE you're facing. I emphasize on the PEOPLE part because you're just a silly tag team wrestler trying to make it into the solo scene. Keep riding me though, I'm not at all offended by your little words. They actually make me laugh.. And I like a good laugh. You sir, are a comedian. I'll give you your props when you bring your best and take me one on one and stop hiding from reality. I'm the best AWO has to offer. Eat my words.

~ Spitta gets to his locker room. He unlocks the door and gets in as the camera follows him. Spitta takes a deep breathe and takes his jacket off. He places his bag down and grabs his microphone. He rolls his head as he laughs a bit. He goes through the backstage, talking to some wrestlers on the way to the ring. Lupe Fiasco - Shining Down blasts throughout the arena as Spitta takes a couple minutes to get out to the ring. He steps out to the stage as the crowd cheers his name. The crowd heavily cheers "SPITTA! SPITTA! SPITTA!" as Spitta begins to laugh and smirk at the fans. He stops at the stage and poses for the crowd. He walks down the ramp slowly and slides into the ring. He gets to the middle of the ring. He cracks his neck then begins to speak ~

You all know what I'm out here for. I've said a lot backstage as the creepy cameramen followed me to this very arena after I got done with my impressive speech. Check it out if you haven't. I'm fresh off it. Anywho, let's get back to the topic. The topic for today is that scrub Matt Knoxville. This guy likes to talk about me and I'm not even bothered. He can do what he wants. I'm not gonna control him. He's not my priority.. As of now. Come Fusion, my priority is to whoop his ass and make him eat all the words he spit out at me. Let's be real, this kid is a joke. He hasn't caught up to my caliber and nor will he ever. I'm not scared of him, nobody should be. He might be "athletically built".. But he's a silly tag team wrestler. He can't compete in singles matches.. At least not with me. I truly do mean this as I haven't seen much competition around here. I hope to find it sometime.. Just maybe this guy will make my eat my words this week. But probably not.

~ Spitta laughs as the crowd cheers. Spitta rolls out of the ring. He jumps the barricade and walks through the crowd. He smirks and looks at the fans still chanting his name. He begins to speak ~

See, Matty boy. All of these screaming fans are behind me. What about you? Huh? Do they even like you? Hell, does ANYBODY but that kid Don Manly support you? Probably not. I don't blame them. You're a complete jerk. There's no need for you to come out here and act like a total hardass because you want to push yourself into tag team title picture. If I tagged with ANYONE, I would become tag team champion. Easily. The in ring ability of myself is great.. Not to brag, but I'm great. These fans agree. Don't they? Can't you hear them screaming? I can. They're right besides me. They can't get enough of me. I'll do everything for these fans. They mean the world to me. You? Nope. You're just a useless scrub. My respect is earned, and you sure as hell haven't earned my respect with your random shit talking you've been doing. If you can back it up, keep it coming. But hey, I'm sure you can't keep your word and give me a "good match". I don't give a damn, Matty boy. Keep talking shit, you'll see where it gets you. Hahaha.

~ Spitta goes back to the barricade. He jumps over the barricade. He circles around the ring and cracks his neck. He begins to walk up the ramp as he stops at the stage and sits down on the stage. He begins to speak ~

No, I'm not gonna trashmouth the company. I'm not gonna talk bad about other superstars that have proven week in and week out that they're meant to be here and they are a force to be messed with. I have no respect to you, Matt. You have me completely wrong. I'm not gonna bend down and kiss your ass because you're some "God-like figure". Nope. I see you as a useless scrub standing in my path to the world championship. Just like the rest, you'll fall done like all of them. Ask Ryan Savage. Ask Aiden Cross. Ask Ren. I've squashed all three of those competitors.. Especially Ryan. I don't take too kind for bad mouthing. You can personally ask Ryan about that. I whooped his ass in the ring because of that. You catch my drift? Keep talking. It'll get you a beating.

~ Spitta laughs as he stands up. The crowd chants his name and he walks behind the curtain, his music playing full blast. Scene ends ~
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