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PostSubject: Reality    Wed May 09, 2012 9:06 pm

The lights in the arena darkens, and then Ryan Savage music blasts through the PA system. Then soon after smoke began to appear around the stage and the people were anticipating to Ryan Savage coming out behind the curtain. Then a figure began to come out behind the curtain and walks through the smoke and Ryan Savage appears on the stage. The fans began to boo at Ryan as he slowly walks down the ramp looking down at the fans as they mock him. Then Ryan Savage grabs a microphone and climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring as his music cuts off. Ryan observes the audience and a smirk appears on his face as he begins to speak.

Last week I had finally found an opponent who was able to beat me in a one on one situation, I assure you that the only reason why I lost that match because I have underestimated my opponent which means that he did not beat me but I have beaten myself for being too cocky, too brash, too arrogant. But I don't care to be honest with you insignificant people, that one little lost won't change a thing. I am still what this company needs, I am still what keeps this company breathing cause last week the only thing I have proved is that I was right by making Spitta famous from defeating me so you all can rub it in my face all you want but it doesn't matter to me one single bit. But even though I did slip up last week, I learned from my mistake and I'm going to move forward in defeating my next opponent and that is Randy Reamue.

As soon as Ryan mentioned Randy Reaume, the fans were outraged and starts chanting "Randy sucks" repeatedly. Ryan shook his head as he here the negative response from the fans.

It's typical with you people, you all tend to flip flop every time it's ridiculous and for this one night only you people are going to be on my side? No I don't think so cause I don't need you all to cheer for me, I don't want you all to hope and pray that I can beat Randy Reaume. The reason being is that you people and Randy Reaume aren't all that different because just like him all of you are extremely overrated. But the only difference is that Randy Reaume and the people just like him in this company takes the cake when they repeatedly say that they are the "fastest rising star in AWO" knowing that it's not true. All that is, is deluding yourself . He is just trying to hype himself up trying to make you all forget that the so called "fastest rising star of AWO" quit this company not too long ag when he lost to Lebron Kingston. But Randy the only reason why you're on this little hot streak because you have been getting lucky. There is no skill behind what you do, there is no passion, there is truth in what you say or do. Just like countless people I have faced you are nothing but a fraud. That's why tonight I'm going to make you face reality and force you to realize how weak and meaningless you truly are Randy. Everything you have hoped for, everything you have ever dreamed for in this company will go up in smoke. I can pretty much promise you that Randy that you won't get far here and you won't become a champion.

The fans were cheering for what Ryan Savage was saying and nodding their head in approval but some of the other fans were booing him as well for comparing both them and Randy Reaume. But Ryan Savage ignores the cheers and the positive feedback from the people and continues talking.

Randy Reaume instead of talking about what you have done to Mike Cole and his car or whatever you're doing nowadays, you should be focusing on me, Ryan Savage. I don't care if you have a steel cage match on Fusion 19 cause right now you have to pray to God to hope that you make it that far to face Mike Cole in a steel cage. Cause tonight, I won't underestimate you, tonight I won't show you any mercy because from on out in every action I take I won't show no remorse.

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