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 People can't face reality.

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Victor Hughes

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PostSubject: People can't face reality.   Sun May 06, 2012 5:15 pm

A Place For My Head by Linkin Park plays as the crowd starts to boo heavily. Camera zooms into a sign that says "Pure Douchebag". Victor walks into the ring, Victor is shown laughing at the crowd, as the crowd continues booing very loudly, but Victor just stands there with a smile on his face. A "You Suck" chant starts around the arena. Victor grabs a microphone as his music fades out. Crowd chants "You Suck" even louder.

You guys must have seen Fusion! You see, I literally demolished my opponent into pieces, he is useless as he is also untalented. I came up on top, squashing his non-remembered career to pieces, and I made myself look good. You all doubted me, but look at you now, you are booing me from the top of your lungs because you did not expect me to pin Andy Howard one, two, three in the middle of the squared circle. Hey, I was not shocked though, because I knew I had the skill that you all have hated me for in my entire career. The first minute I stepped into an AWO ring, you all booed the hell out of me, well that made me feel good, because it made me see myself as being known from all around the world, wrestling wise. I am finally getting noticed, because of my talent, but I had to do something about it from the start for this to even happen.

Crowd boos heavily, Victor shouts "LET ME FINISH!" Crowd boos even louder, with the returning "Go Away" chants surround the arena.

The reason you are giving me all this, is you idiots can't understand the real world. You are just examples of why tons of people in this world can not face the reality. You thought Andy was going to win, but in reality, I tortured him and sent him back to where he came from. You people's statements are not even mattering to what I am saying, and you act like it is going to change my mind or something.'s not, because I don't give in to hypocrites like the people in the crowd tonight, wanting me to change to the way that they want me to change. You people think I am going to give into you guys with your stupid ass chants with your stupid ass opinions, when in "reality", you guys are worthless. You guys are just living in your own fiction, thinking that you really matter, when really you don't. Every time I tell you people that I don't care what you think, you seem to keep doing what you did before, and don't even care about "chanting to yourself". Do you just come here for chants, because that is pretty much a waste of money if you ask me. It kind of explains it though, since you guys have nothing better to do with your lives. Here is a tip, stop sitting on your fat asses watching this show, and go out and exercise, because clearly you really need it.

Crowd boos heavily, they start chanting yet again "Asshole" to Victor Hughes. Victor Hughes then interrupts them...

You all know that I am better than you, so you keep chanting the stupid chants, because you don't have a valid argument against me. You have a valid argument? Come up with one right now to my face.

[center]Victor walks out of the ring, and down to the floor. He brings his microphone and goes up to a random fan asking him "why he dislikes him." Fan screams into the microphone "BECAUSE YOU SUCK AND YOU WILL NEVER MAKE IT HERE IN THIS BUSINESS!" Crowd cheers loudly as Victor Hughes laughs.

Funny, that statement had nothing to do with my original argument, but anyways, you do not understand I have already made it in this business. I just debuted in a new wrestling promotion, and I am already getting you will never make it statements. Who beat Andy Howard in less than 5 minutes on Fusion? Not you that is for sure, you aren't even fit to wrestle. I am a wrestler and a proud one at that, and on Fusion I proved why I will make it here, and how I will make it here.

Victor walks to another fan and asks him "why he dislikes him", fan says into the microphone "I actually like your wrestling skills and I think that you are very entertain--"

Crowd cracks up, Victor tells them to "shut up" and that "he did not tell them to laugh at his jokes". Crowd boos loudly and Victor Hughes heads up the ramp and shouts "You people are useless, and you should realize that by now. Hit my music.
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People can't face reality.
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