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 I honestly never denied it...

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PostSubject: I honestly never denied it...   Sun May 06, 2012 6:29 am

~ Matt is backstage after just being shown the video of Spitta's speech, he has his baseball bat in his hand, he looks at it in disgust before dropping it on the floor next to him. Matt sees the camera next to him and walks up to the cameraman sharply and pushes him away, he makes his way to the locker room and the cameraman briskly follows. Matt stops dead in his tracks, turns around and sees the camera pointing directly towards him ~

Matt Knoxville
What do you want? Every time this happens, you sneak up on after my matches and expect me to answer all your questions, who says I'm even going to listen to what you're asking me? It's not like it really even matters to you, does it? Look, if you are going to ask me questions this is the last time I answer them, so shoot.

~ The cameraman stutters before managing to get any words out, eventually he begins talking ~

Well, uh.... what do you have to say about... wh- what Spitta Andre-t-t-ti thinks of you, being ea-sy compet- competition?

Matt Knoxville
Well if you want my honest opinion, that "hero" or whatever he likes to be called, doesn't know how good I am, but that's expected since he's so full of it he thinks he only needs to watch his own matches. I don't care what he thinks! All that matters is what the AWO fans, the AWO Universe knows, and I have shown it time and time again. Yes my matches are tag matches, but does that really matter since most of the time it's me in the ring and Don waiting to be tagged? No it doesn't, in any way. You spoke about Ryan Savage and how easily you destroyed him, but I think you know I'm not as easy as him, just look at my matches and how I dominate my opponents in a matter of five minutes.

Wh-at is your opinion on Spitta saying no one th- thought he c-c-c-could get on such a... w-winning streak?

Matt Knoxville
He's right when he says no one thought he could do it, and he has proved week in and week out he can beat his opponents to a pulp, but I'm five to nothing and I know if anyone is going to end that streak it's not Spitta Andretti. Now I'm not a big fan of ending other people's streaks, but it seems you are judging by your matches these past couple of weeks, I truthfully don't want to be the one to end your streak because I know what that feels like. Spitta I will end your streak on Fusion but it isn't going to make me happy in any way and I won't feel any pleasure in doing so but it seems the only way for you to go this week is down.

~ Matt arrives at his locker room, he opens the door and sees a chair set up with lemonade on the table beside it, he is tempted to go sit down and ignore the cameraman but he said he would answer his questions ~

H-how about what he said about the t-t-tag titles?

Matt Knoxville
He called the tag titles silly, they are in no way "silly" because they show how a team of the likes of me and Don Manly can work well together, how they have a lot of chemistry and are just plain amazing as a team. Me and Don have a passion for gold, whether it is singles or tag team, we can win them all! Now I also heard what you said about our tag team name, make fun of it all you want I could be one half of The Fruity Pebbles and still whoop your ass back in to next year, which is exactly what I am going to do to you on Friday Night Fusion so be prepared for that.

What do you think about S-S-Spitta s-s-saying he expects you to talk sh-sh-shit about hi-m-m-m?

Matt Knoxville
I don't know really, he's definitely used to it by now I can see that, I don't play mind games and I only talk shit about opponents I need to talk shit about and Spitta is most certainly not one of those people. Spitta says he doesn't even recognize me, but that is for one reason and that is all of my matches have been squash matches, I brutalize my opponents quickly and go for the pin and two weeks ago I won by KO! Whether you respect me or Don doesn't really affect me but you have to respect what I do in that ring EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. Now I really have to get changed for an important meeting

~ The cameraman turns around and leaves Matt's locker room as he gets ready for the meeting, the screen fades black and the scene ends ~
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I honestly never denied it...
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