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 Reaume vs Savage

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PostSubject: Reaume vs Savage   Sun May 06, 2012 5:40 am

"Here to Show the World" hit the arena speakers, and the crowd booed as soon as they heard it. They knew who was coming out. The Prodigy, the Fastest Rising Superstar in AWO history, Randy Reaume.

Then, the music cut, and Randy Reaume appeared on the titantron. He was not in the arena, but instead in a parking lot somewhere in Atlanta.

As he walked through the parking lot, he started to speak..

Well, I assume you all know who I am by now. But just in case some of you have a little short term memory from falling off your tractor, let me remind you. My name is Randy Reaume. I am the fastest rising superstar here, I am The Prodigy..but you all already know this, hopefully. Anyway, out here I stand in an Atlanta parking lot. Now, I've never been to Hell, and I don't plan on going, but I assume it's a bit like Atlanta here. It smells of booze, there are sex shops around every corner, and my opponent Ryan Savage would probably frequent those, there are prostitutes outside the KFC just around, this place is a disaster. I've never seen such a horrible, run-down, disgusting city. Your pathetic mayor should take some hints from Toronto and freshen this place up a little bit.

Anywho, onto my opponent, Ryan Savage. I can't really say much about him, because honestly, he's too irrelevant for me to pick up any information on, but I do know a few things. One? He lost to Spitta Andretti last week. Really? Should I even bother giving him another loss to demoralize him even more than he already is? It's quite pathetic, actually. I almost feel bad for him. Though, I'd feel even worse if he were from Atlanta. Anywho, I'm sure you all want to know why I'm in a parking lot right now, and I'll get to that. First, though, let me bring my other points about Ryan Savage..I have never interacted with him before, and didn't even know of his presence before this. Now, usually, I'd be a bit worried about that, but he looks like just the scrawny bitch that can't handle the Anaconda Vice..kind of like Mike Cole, actually. And you always go around saying your arrival really means something, but who cares about you, Ryan? Who really cares? These fans give about as much of a damn about you as they do about Aidan Raider's title reign anymore. That's why i'm going to end it soon. I'll use you and then Mike Cole as a stepping stone, the Intercontinental title as a stepping stone, and I will go on to win the World Championship from whoever has it, while you contemplate your loss to me, Ryan. While you sit on a couch at wherever ghetto you live in watching my success, watching THE PRODIGY become THE WORLD CHAMPION!

Speaking of Mike Cole, I have a few things to say to you as well. First of all, who the hell are you to say you didn't tap out to the Anaconda Vice and that you were just struggling to get out of it? Do you take me and everyone else here as an idiot? Even these idiot fans from Atlanta can admit they saw you tap out to the anaconda vice. And then you say you're a future world champion? Son, I won that Texas Bullrope match, and I could show you the instant replay to prove that I did. But you know what? It's not worth it. Because on Fusion 19, there will be no mistake who wins. There will be no mistake who the victor will be because the victor will be the one who escapes. The winner will be clear in that match because that match will be a barbed wire steel cage match. And when you're looking down at me, on the floor, blood pouring from your face where I shredded it like a meat grinder and you're wondering what you did wrong..the plain and simple answer is you did nothing wrong, Mike. It was inevitable that I would win, that I would escape, because there is no way to worm out of it this time, Mike. There's no way to escape cheaply. And let me tell you, Mike..when I'm grinding your face into the barbed wire and you're pleading for me to stop..I won't stop, Mike. All of this could have been avoided if you had just taken your loss like a real man would have, if you had just taken it like the real man you claim to all could have been avoided, Mike. But now..? Now I'm not going to just win. Now I am going to disfigure you..i'm going to cripple you, I am going to end your career, just like I will end the career of Ryan Savage. I will make sure you do not walk out of that ring, Mike. Trust me.

Now, to explain why I'm in a parking lot..

The camera zoomed out, showing Mike Cole's expensive car in the background with a sledgehammer laying next to it.

Randy calmly walked towards the sledgehammer, looked at it with a sick grin, and with one blow crushed the windshield of the car, then started bashing on the hood until it was a crumpled mess. He then, with a final blow to the pride of Mike Cole and his car, poured gasoline on the interior and lit it on fire.

He kneeled next to it and said four final words...

The prodigy...has spoken..
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Reaume vs Savage
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