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PostSubject: I BELONG HERE!   Sun May 06, 2012 3:30 am

~ A replay of Spitta Andretti's match vs. Ryan Savage is shown. The film gets all done as the camera pans into the main scene. Scene starts off as Spitta is shown live at a charity event. He's shown speaking, just wrapping it up. He makes his way back to the AWO arena and goes backstage. The cameras follow him. Spitta sits down at a chair and the cameras zoom into him. He begins to speak ~

Nobody needs to save me. Nobody needs to save me from this shit talking. All of you have saw what happened to Ryan Savage, right? He talked mad shit on me and acted like he knew me outside of the AWO. He got me messed up when he told me I kissed ass, blahblahblah. I knocked that little kid down a few pegs and ended his little undefeated streak. I might have been the underdog, but I took him down. I took him down.. Easily. I told everyone of you that I was going to take down that punk. I did just that. I make myself proud and I know damn well I make the AWO Universe proud when I laid his sorry ass down for the three count. My level just simply isn't matched. I haven't seen competition with the competitors I have faced here recently. I know I just started off and such, but where is the competition? Can I just get some competition around here?

~ Spitta chuckles and smirks. He changes his shirt and moves his head around in circles. He takes a drink of his protein shake and does some push ups. He gets finished with the push ups and does some pull ups. He does the pull ups as he continues to speak ~

They doubted me for weeks and weeks. They said "Ohh, Spitta can't do it", "Spitta is nothing!". I've proved them week in and week out that I'm just a ticking time clock waiting to explode into something greater then I actually am currently. My ability hasn't been greatly shown here due to the poor little competition I have been receiving lately. Hopefully this Matt guy can take care of that and show me what the competition in AWO really is like. But hey, I could me mistaken and this guy could fall just like the rest. Like I said, hopefully he's not like the rest and puts up a great match for a man like myself.. A wrestler like me can only dream of something like that. Haha. Something like competition. I mean, Matty boy, we're in the same position. You're chasing gold and so am I. But, I'm chasing something much better then some silly tag titles.. And that's the world championship. Through hard work and dedication, I will get there. And leave useless tools like yourself in the dust. Nobody is touching me right now. And when i mean nobody, I mean nobody. I'll spell it out for you.. N. O. B. O. D. Y. NOBODY! You catch my drift, Matty Boy? I mean, sure I'm on my high horse but I proved myself during Fusion.. Again. I proved that I'm nothing to mess with and I destroy random scrubs.

~ Spitta laughs as the fans cheer him in this backstage segment. Spitta drinks more of his protein shake, finishing it up. He smiles and begins to speak again ~

What do I have to do to make people stop questioning me? Do I have to destroy this guy in the ring, also? Do I have to go after the top guys in the company? Actually. I want to go after the top guys in the company but that isn't ultimately decided on my part. And I'm cool with that. I actually like the "old-fashioned" method of working up in the ranks and getting that world title shot by yourself and not someone carrying you along the way to glory. That's what I drive for. The path to glory. I'm along that path as I see myself being the fastest rising star in AWO history. Hell, I mean, I've simply crushed all competition that has came into my path during my tenure here in AWO. I have it all. Nothing is standing in my way.. Nothing. I'm the "new guy" here, but this "new guy" is beating people week in and week out. And it's going to be the same result for Matty boy too. I'll be making sure of that.

~ Spitta laughs and smiles once again. He moves his head back and forth as he finishes with his little workout. He drinks some water and begins to speak again ~

I've been hated here. And fuck y'all hating for no reason. I'm sure this Matt kid is going to talk shit on me as everyone I've faced so far has been an egotistical maniac that tries to get into my head with pity little mind tricks. Ryan Savage? Yup, took care of him. Aiden Cross? Yup, took care of him. Ren? Yup, took care of him. It's the same damn result week in and week out.. And that's me winning the match. I'm going to be putting in my all as I don't see my winning streak cut short this week when I face this Matt kid. No disrespect to you though, Matt. But.. But.. Who exactly are you? I mean, you have the name of a superstar but I don't see you around here. Hell, all I know is that you're in that silly little tag team with Don Manly and you guys complained to Rose London on getting a tag match.. I didn't even pay attention to that bullshit. Who cares. Not me, not these fans. It's all good though, bro. I'm happy for you that you might.. just might win the tag championships. But hey. When you win or lose that match, I'll be here. I'll be here putting my face on everything in this company. Being the golden boy of AWO. Being YOUR hero.

~ Spitta laughs as he throws away his bottle of water. He puts a jacket on and leaves his locker room. He looks around backstage as he sees some of the wrestlers passing him. He says hi to Xavier and Brandon Bash and begins to talk to him. He tells them that he has to catch ooth of them later, so he goes on and walks off. They walk different ways. Spitta laughs and smiles at the camera. He gives a thumbs up and continues to smile and laugh. He begins to speak as he walks towards the exit ~

I'm here to make history, all of you should know that. Beating guys in that ring is what I do best, and I have proof that it truly is what I do best. God put me on here to be a professional wrestler.. And entertain these fans. I'm not mad that I get to face such mentally weak guys like Matty boy. Doesn't matter. When I destroy him in that ring, that is what will matter. Myself improving to 4-0 and making my history in AWO be even greater. Then I shall go on and improve to a 5-0 record, whoever I face next week. This isn't about next week, though. This is about this week. The week I will be facing one half of "The Acts of God".. Shitty name, I know. Blame them, not me. I can't control the lack of creativity those two individuals have. Not up to me.. Hahaha. Be scared, though. Be scared, Matty Boy. Be scared when I unleash the destruction on you like I did last week when I faced that kid Ryan Savage and totally whooped his ass. No big deal though, you can fall off like that Ryan kid. OR you can actually give me some competition and make me work my ass off to beat you. But hey, I can only ask for so much from you. Let's just hope you put up some competition. Anywho, I have to get out of here. But I'll leave you with a side note, a few words of wisdom as I like to say.

~ Spitta laughs and chuckles as he exits the building. He goes towards his car and unlocks it. He gets it in and starts it up. He plays his entrance music through his stereo and laughs. He begins to speak, one last time. Leaving a message for Matt ~


~ The scene fades as Spitta drives away fastly. Scene ends ~
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