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PostSubject: YOUR HERO!   Fri May 04, 2012 12:45 am

~ Spitta is sitting backstage as he listens to some Tupac and Biggie to hype himself up. He tapes his wrists and smiles looking at the camera. The crowd cheers loud and starts to chanting his name in the background. Spitta is fueled off that as he's taping his wrists. He smiles and begins to speak ~

See, Ryan. You make all these crude little remarks saying you're going to beat me, you're unbeatable. Blahblahblah. Nobody is unbeatable. A man only wins because he either out smarts his opponent, out wrestles his opponent and takes a hold of the opportunity at hand. And I'll be doing all three of those when I lay your sorry ass down for the three count. Or I can just make you tap out. Anyway, I'll be picking up the win as you make a fool of yourself saying all these little things about me. No hard feelings though, I expect a coward like yourself doing this. You hide behind your little podcasts, your little shows and all that jazz. It doesn't matter. Come tomorrow, your ass is mine. I'll finally be setting foot in a ring with you. One on one. May the best man win. I mean, ha, who cares. I know I'm the best man. Not to sound cocky or anything, but I'm pretty sure it's true. I'm your hero. I'll save your little non-impressive career when you're undefeated against nobodies. When you face some caliber like myself, you'll be scared off your ass when you step into the same foot as me. I'm nothing to mess with and if I need to beat that into you.. Then go ahead. Go ahead as I beat your pathetic ass at Fusion 17. But then again, if you put out an all-out slobber knocker, good for you. But that won't happen. anytime soon, coward.

~ The crowd cheers Spitta's name as he smiles once again. He's finished with taping his wrist. He gets up and looks over to the right. He heads towards his computer and then back to his trophy case. He smiles as he points at it and mocks Ryan Savage. He begins to speak ~

See. This is what a champions trophy case looks like. World titles from many companies, many accomplishments, many plaques. I have it all. The charisma, the ability, the accomplishments to carry me past weak souls like you. You try and act like this big and bad guy. But that's okay, you're weak inside. Weak inside because you hide behind podcasts and such. But hey, I already touched that subject so let's carry on to the real thing. If you look at the past week or so, me and this guy's situation.. It's been nothing but him shit talking and me dishing it back out. But hey, these fans scream my name every chance when they get and they hate cowards like Ryan Savage. I survived in this company because of struggle. I struggled throughout my whole life to get where I am today. And that's the best damn professional wrestler I could possibly be. I've maximized my talent and it's been showing these last couple of weeks that I've been placed onto Fusion. And I've made sure that I'm here to stay. Look at my talent.

~ Spitta poses as the crowd chants his name. He smirks and walks back over to his computer. He sits down and gets on Twitter and Facebook as the camera pans back into the scene. Spitta smiles and turns the chair around, looking at the camera. He begins to speak ~

Continue your little pathetic antics, Ryan. Please do. Your just making me laugh and all I'm doing is getting into your thick skull. Mind games? No. That's not what you call it, silly! It's just called out-smarting your opponent and taking advantage of their weaknesses. And in Ryan Savage, there is a lot. I've noticed that he repeats the same shit and then says I do? Weird. I guess that's just a little antic that he uses to get over with fans that don't really like him.. I'll let him do him, though. Except when Fusion 17 comes around. And I unleash all hell on him and make him feel my wrath for such utter bullshit of "shit" talking he's been doing as of late. I'll finally be shutting his ass up and that's what I'm planning on doing. I actually plan on doing some damage to this guys ego. Knocking him down a few pegs is what's needed with such assholes like this. I mean, c'mon son, you're not fooling anybody. Trying to go around here and floss your way to a world title isn't going to go well with me. I don't give a damn who you know. I don't give a damn who you are. I don't give a damn if you think you can beat me. Let's step into reality. I'm Spitta Andretti, and I'm the fastest rising new superstar in AWO, currently. When I compete under those bright lights at the ultimate turning point of my career.. That would be a World Heavyweight Championship match, by the way. Something guys like Ryan Savage dreams on doing one day.. Being a top superstar in the top company.

~ Spitta chuckles as the crowd continues to chant his name. He smirks & smiles. He begins to speak again ~

Ryan Savage.. I know I've told you this already, but you're nothing to me. You're not up to par with my caliber and hell, who knows if you can keep up with me. I mean, I'm not doubting the actual little potential you have, but yeah.. That's exactly what I'm doing. If you make me eat these words and somehow pull off a miracle and beat me on Fusion.. Good for you. But that's probably unlikely as I see myself being the clear winner. I mean, don't these fans agree? Yeah, they do. You're just a self centered asshole that only cares about himself. And that's okay, I'll have fun beating you come Fusion. It'll happen, too. I live up to all my promises. I don't give a flying fuck what's going on. I'll see you in that ring on Fusion, Ryan Savage. You be prepared. Get some extra training in as you surely need it. Hope you put up an excellent match with me. Your obsession with me is over when I beat your ass on Fusion. No threats, just promises. Keep talking.

~ Spitta laughs his ass off as he has a serious face after that. He smirks and looks at the camera, the fans still chanting his name. He walks around backstage, making his way behind the curtain of the stage. His entrance music hits as he makes his way out to the stage. He stops at the stage and poses for the crowd, the crowd still chanting his name. Spitta smiles and slaps the fans hands as he goes down the ramp. He stops at the rings presence and begins to run. He slides into the ring, getting thrown a mic. He laughs and points at someone in the crowd. He gives him a thumbs up and smirks. He begins to speak, talking into the mic in the middle of the ring ~

I made my way out to this ring to address a certain individual and a couple of topics that I have talked about backstage. My opponent this week, as all of you know, is The Master of the Cowards, Ryan Savage. A petty little pathetic kid if I don't say so myself. But that's beyond the topic I'm addressing. Let's talk about my match.. I mean win, shall we? Well, let's see. I honestly don't think this Ryan kid can match up to somebody with my kind of talent. A once in a lifetime talent as I've been told by numerous greats. Numerous companies. Numerous sites. Doesn't matter, people know the name of Spitta Andretti and I've done it all. I came to AWO to beat little fools like Ryan Savage and make them eat their words because they think it's cool to talk shit on somebody they haven't once met. Doesn't bother me, though. I know how to work around people's faults and flaws and make a great match out of that. Let's hope I don't have to do all of this as I hope this Ryan kid puts up a great match and gives me the competition I've been looking for during my present stint in AWO.. Some competition. Where is it?

~ Spitta chuckles and laughs a bit. He gets on the turnbuckle and poses for the fans. Pointing at some of them and giving them a thumbs up with his right hand. He smirks and jumps down. He goes over to the left side of the ring and leans on the ropes, he begins to speak. This time pacing around back and forth in the ring, getting worked up ~

I haven't seen this so called competition. I hope I see it soon. Let's have it this week? I mean, having a guy who can actually put on a great show this week would be great. It'll show off my abilities more and get me even farther on this company by my own. Hell, I've been doing it all for years now. I'm not too fond on tag team wrestling, but I will compete in a little tag match once and awhile. I just prefer the old fashioned way and that's be a singles superstar rising to the top. I came from the bottom. My first opponent, Ren. He stood no chance as I easily squashed him. Couple weeks off and I face some scrub named Aiden Cross who didn't even lock up or even punch me.. He took the vicious beating I gave him. Hell, I have him a brainbuster then a springboard 450 splash, then a shooting star press. My finisher move, the Crude Awakening. That's all fine, though. Aiden and Ryan are two completely different people. But they both have something in common and that is that they have got beaten by me. The one and only Spitta Andretti, your hero.

~ The crowd gives off a good vibe as the "SPITTA! SPITTA! SPITTA!" chants go throughout the arena once again. Spitta smirks and stops in the middle of the ring. He's looking to finish this up as he begins to talk one more time ~

You don't stand no chance, Ryan. I'm not trying to pick on you. I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm not trying to be an asshole. I'll save you from the shitty matches you've been putting on lately, though. Hell, if I played my cards right I could put on match of the decade. But... You're Ryan Savage. That isn't possible knowing your caliber. I know you've heard about me though, Ryan. I know I'm in your head. You might not believe it, you might deny it. But it's damn true. I know it's true because you're just a little girl. Or what I call, a pompous little bitch that cries about everything. You might have a better record in this company then me, you might be undefeated, but hey.. You've been in this company much longer then I ever have. And that's your so called talent? Being 4-0? Hell, Xavier is 12-0, so I guess that makes him the greatest of all time. Not dissing Xavier though, that's my boy. Back to the topic, though. Ryan Savage.. Don't punk out on me. Don't be scared of me. Put on a great match with me. Do it, please do it. For the sake of the AWO Universe, they want to see a great match from... Me. Of course, it'd be me. The talent I have is undeniable and can't be touched. Face my wrath, Ryan. Face it. Face it that I'm better then you in most categories, if not all. The categories that make a professional wrestler. I just don't see it from you.. Have fun losing to me, though. Good luck on our match. I'll have fun shutting you up and making you eat your words. Then these fans will laugh at you. Your hero has spoken. Have a nice day, you pathetic coward. Hahaha.

~ Spitta laughs heavy as he smiles and drops the microphone. His entrance music fades and gets on the turnbuckle. He poses and smiles at the crowd. He poses for them, extending his arms and putting a thumbs up. The scene fades as a promo video blares throughout the arena ~

~ Scene ends ~
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