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 Lethal Enigma

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Zeke Nero
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PostSubject: Lethal Enigma   Thu May 03, 2012 3:25 am

The camera pans to show Zeke Nero sitting on a bench in the locker room he seems to be talking to someone in the room. Zeke Nero gets up to head out of the room but is cut off by Lauren Brooks

Laren Brooks
Zeke, tonight you face Aiden Cross, a man who hasn't been seen to have won many matches in the past weeks. Will he be an easy opponent to take down, or will you underestimate him like you did Brandon B-

Zeke Nero grabs Brooks' mic out of her hand on a rage.

Zeke Nero
Don't every speak of that match when your near me I had finally earned my respect only for it to be taken away from me by that whelp. The whelp has made me a mockery again. And I will not rest until this Brandon Bash in incinerated from the AWO history books. But for tonight I know Aiden Cross, and the shell of his former self. He does not have what it takes any more and it's time to euthanize his career once and for all

Nero goes back into the locker room. Lauren Brooks tells the cameraman to switch to the seurity camera in the locker room

Why won't anybody leave me alone. I lose to one newcomer now my career is down the drain

Nero goes to his locker and gets out his trademark Kendo stick

But you can make it all change with one whack from you everything will change. Aiden will see that his career meant nothing while he was here. He will be demolished, he will be broken down. No matter how bad he seems to want to give up he will witness hell. He will want to be far away from this palce. He like everyone else will fear me again.

Nero sets up a training dummy and starts whacking it with the Kendo stick. His onslaught of the dummy is interrupted by a phone call.

What took you so long to call Jade.

Jade Brooks
Look I'm sorry Zeke, but you called me midnight I was still asleep. What do you want?

I know you signed with AWO Jade and I need you help. You see I need a distraction for my match.

I'm listening.

I need a manager. I need you to be at my side while I beat down Aiden Cross. When I give the signal I want you to hand me my kendo stick, but make sure your not caught. Then after try your best to distract the ref. And as soon as I'm done beating Aiden to a pulp hide the kendo stick from the ref. Simple enough isn't

Yes I hear you loud an clear. The old distract and hide evidence trick. You should know better than to doubt my skills Zeke. You know I'd do anything you ask

Thanks again for the favor Jade I owe you another one

Nero hangs up and goes back to hitting the training dummy. The camera switches to the outside of the locker room to show Jade outside Nero's locker room.

Yes Zeke I'd do anything for you, my love
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Lethal Enigma
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