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 Yo, Ritchie!

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Sonny Heroin
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PostSubject: Yo, Ritchie!   Wed May 02, 2012 10:16 pm

The Levy by From First To Last hit the arena, Ray Hardyac came out, he did his usual taunts and put the mic to his mouth...

"So Ritchie, you said you were looking for competion? That you're better than the rest? I'm sure as hell not here to be cocky, but when you concussed me a few weeks back, I couldn't forget what you did. You broke me. You made sure I was no more."

Ray had a pause, he increased the tone of his voice this time...

"I'd like to see you try on your best day, Ritchie! You didn't beat me. Day in, day out, I'm still Ray Hardyac. You didn't change me."

"I think you're just begging for me to come face you, face-to-face. You know damn well that you only wanted 'real comtetion' only to await me. Ritchie, you damn sure aren't the best, last time I checked, when I came running with a steel chair, seeking my revenge, you decided to run away, like a foolish coward."

"Is that what you are in reality, Ritchie? A coward? Thinking that a baseball bat can make you hide you shame and try to knockout people that you're truly afraid of?"

"Week after week, you come out to prove that you're "Mr. Best-In-The-World"...Just to let you know, I don't even give a single fuck of what you think. I'm here to let you know what I think. And I said exactly that. I don't care for your success. I don't care for your damn baseball bat.
All this anger, this frustration of a monster your actions have done to me, I can unleash on you. Something even worse then Hell itself. All I care about is leaving out with revenge. And maybe, just maybe, one of those same stupid, cocky smirks you do when I'm done! I'm a pro-wrestler not some superstar slugger. And I'm sure as hell ain't no entertainer!"

The crowd cheers.

"C'mon Ritchie, pick your weapon. Or as I'd like to say, pick your god-damn poision!"

The Levy by From First To Last hits again, but Ray signals to cut off his music, he holds the mic back up and adresses Ritchie once more.

"But I've said this before, and I'll say it again...I ain't scared of you. I'm not scared of no-one. Ritchie, I've faced more threats than you've ever had. I defeated Tan-Toa, a guy who's more intimidating than you are! Ha, the only reason I'm facing those guy is because I am a threat to all the Anarchist talent here! I'll stand tall in this one, Ritchie. And here's a word of advice...
what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger and I am stronger than death!"
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Yo, Ritchie!
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