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 There will be blood.

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PostSubject: There will be blood.   Wed May 02, 2012 4:43 am

May 2, 2012
8:39 pm
Fort Worth, Texas

Sitting in my living room, I can't help but stare blankly at my copy of my Anarchy Wrestling Organization contract. I actually felt a bit of hope. To be honest, it's the first time I've felt something so sincere in quite a while. After everything that has happened to me in the last few years, like losing the only person I had in this World, my daughter, to falling victim to addiction. This is exactly what I need. Suddenly, while I'm lost in thought, I hear three loud thuds at the door. I give my head a quick shake to snap out of the trance I was putting myself into. "Who is it?" I ask loudly. "AWO camera crew." they reply. I stand to my feet and head to the door, opening it and inviting the camera crew in. As the crew of three men move into my living room with all of their equipment, I sit down on the couch preparing myself. I stretch and crack my neck when suddenly the bright light shines in my face. I squint for a second, waiting for my eyes to adjust. When the camera is directed towards me, I clear my throat and watch as the cameraman begins to count down.


Eli Sykes:
"Ladies and gentlemen, it is I, Eli Sykes. The newest addition to the Anarchy Wrestling Organization roster, and the future AWO World Heavyweight Champion. I want to tell you a little story of how miserable every single life on this planet is, including mine. You see, the World is a very cruel, dark place, and no one accentuates that more than I do. The things that I have witnessed of the last three years are unimaginable."

I pause for a minute, drifting off into a thought. I can feel my eyes becoming bloodshot. Suddenly a headache comes along to accompany my aching eyes. I slowly look back up at the camera with a vacant look on my face. I recollect what I was originally talking about and continue.

"So unimaginable, any other man would have nightmares and shutter at a single thought of them. But, I have finally found something worthwhile to keep my mind off of things, and it starts with Kaden Griffin. Now Kaden, I understand you may think there is some slight possibility of you sneaking away with a victory this week, but I hate to break it to you. You don't."

I stand to my feet, making my way towards the cameraman. I get up close and personal with the camera, breathing heavily and growing angrier by the second.

"You have no idea what you'll be getting yourself in to when you step into that ring with me this Thursday. The AWO is not ready for what is going to be unleashed on this company. No one is safe. Everyone is a target. Thursday night, when I walk into that arena, I officially embark on my journey in the Anarchy Wrestling Organization, spilling the blood of every single man that stands in front of me. Unfortunately for Kaden Griffin, first impressions are always so important. I am going to make a grown man beg for mercy on Thursday night. I am going to make Kaden Griffin feel every ounce of pain that I feel. He will feel the emptiness that has been consuming me from the inside out everyday for the last three God damn years. Kaden Griffin... The AWO is my World now. And when I tell you that I'm going to destroy you, I want you to understand that I am going to fucking destroy you. You will never be the same after our match, and you will never forget the name or face of 'Eli Sykes.'"

I shove the cameraman towards the door and glance at the other two to let them know that I expect them to follow. As they exit my house, I slam the door behind them. I walk back into my living room and slump down onto my couch, putting my head in my hands. I look up and around at my surroundings before putting my head back. So much grief. So much pain. The only way to relinquish this is to take it out on someone else. A poor soul, but it has to be done for my own personal gain. The face of the Anarchy Wrestling Organization is about to change. The Antichrist is here, and my presence will be felt.
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There will be blood.
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