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PostSubject: WRECKING DAY   Wed May 02, 2012 12:49 am

~ Promo blares through the podcast as it plays fully through. KRATOS is shown on the camera laughing. He laughs & then smirks, he begins to speak ~

I haven't been in this company very long, but I will be unleashing my wrath of complete utter domination and destruction. Pain, misery and suffer are in everyone's future that stands in my way, haha. Nobody is safe. Nobody. Doesn't matter if they have "no fear". Everyone will be fearing me in the ring. Hell, maybe even nightmares will come to the victims. On Fusion, I will urge my compassion to destroy souls in the ring. Inflicting pain on the soul and inflicting pain on someone no matter what is what I do best. You could be the top guy of the company, I'm still going to get the upper advantage on anyone. Not being scared of jack shit makes it far into this company, hahaha. Doesn't matter who are you. I tend to remind the little ones of this simply because I like to get into peoples heads. Twist them up a bit. Mess them up in that ring, get their game face wrong. Yeah, that's what I do best.. Other then beating bodies in that ring. A very superstar could be 400lbs, I can still take them out. They could be taller then my 7 foot 6 inches stature.. which is highly unlikely, but I will take them out. Using someones weaknesses like that, fat, tall etc is what I do best. And it's what I will be doing. That, and crushing the little competition.

~ KRATOS laughs as he smirks. He looks into a mirror, he stops laughing as he looks into the mirror. He begins to speak ~

When I look at myself, I see this monster. This 400 pound, 7 foot 4 inches monster. This crazy monster that I grew to became. I became this monster because of what my "Father" did to me. Leaving me out on the road to die was fucked up beyond all belief. Doesn't matter who you are, nobody should ever do that. Hell, I don't care as I'm much greater then my "Father" ever was. My "Father" is probably in jail by now or hiding away from the Police. While I'm a professional wrestler and employed by the biggest wrestling company on the planet, AWO. My "Father" is a piece of shit, but that's irrelevant to the subject today. I would love to go on and on about him but I have to get back to it. Get back to the utter destruction I'm planning for whatever his name is.. Be Be... Benjamin? Benjamin Paul.. Yeah, that sounds right. Whoever you might be, feel the wrath of myself. You'll need all the "good luck" you can get as I don't believe in luck. I believe on destroying wrestlers like you and making them my puppets. Violence is what I do best. Destroying fools is what I do best, too. You'll be lucky yo come out alive, Ben. You might not know me, but you will after our little match at Fusion 17.. My debut. Your first stand as a jobber, hahahahaha. Remember who I am, Ben. I am KRATOS.

~ KRATOS punches the mirror and sinister laughs. He smirks and looks at the camera. He laughs again as the camera suddenly goes to black. You can still hear KRATOS' laugh. Scene ends as the podcast leaves a message. ~


~ Scene fades ~
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