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 My Return is inevitable

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Ashley Rayne
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My Return is inevitable Empty
PostSubject: My Return is inevitable   My Return is inevitable EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 8:23 am

A shadowed figure is sitting faced away from the camera. Their features can not be seen. They is talking on the phone and the video gets a small section of the conversation.

OK, glad to see that we agree. I can't wait to further our business.

The voice though, is that of a woman's. The woman continues to sit faced away from the camera. Sher reaches over and smashes a cigarette in an ash tray. The woman then reaches over and grabs a glass of wine. She then starts spinning it as she talks.

Ah hello those of you who are watching. I have wrestling since I was 14, but then at the age of 29 I went into the filming industry. I made huge profits, and have traveled all over the world. Eventually I tired of the glamorous life.

The woman then sets the wine down.

I remembered back to the old days when I wrestled. I remembered walking out to the ring and entertaining all of the fans. I remember the reason I became famous. That is when I decided that starring in the movies wasn't my thing. I was born to wrestle.

The woman then calls in one of her maids.

Go get me a beer please.

The maid eyes open wide with shock. She goes to get a beer.

Yes, I have been a fan of wrestling since I was a small girl. I remember all of the heroes of old. So at the young age of fourteen I ran away from home with all the money I had. I travelled through the USA and went to a wrestling school. There I trained and began my dream. After being trained I travelled around the world, going to promotions all over. I won my first title when I was 16. Eventually I found myself in a major promotion. There I was the most dominant woman they had ever had. I gained huge fame, and eventually I was asked to star in a movie. I accepted of course, never having expected this. So there in I quit wrestling to be a movie star. I starred in several movies over the last 5 years. But recently I got bored with it, and asked an old friend for a favor. I got him to get me into this promotion, and now here I am wrestling yet again.

The maid finally arrives with a bottle of beer. The woman easily pops it open and chugs it all down. She then hands the bottle to the maid. The maid runs off to throw the bottle away.

Well, I have seen the poor shape of the Sirens division, and I have come here not to wrestle women, for I am too good to be brought down to a class which the AWO cares nothing for. No I am here to wrestle men, and prove to management here that women deserve to be treated every bit as equal as men. Well goodbye for now. I will see you all this Friday.

The camera then fades to black just as the woman is turning around.
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My Return is inevitable
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