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PostSubject: Fate.   Fate. EmptySat Apr 21, 2012 12:57 pm

Ryan Savage theme song "Nameless Faceless" blasts through the PA system as the fans look on to the stage awaiting for the arrival of Ryan Savage. With a new look Ryan Savage comes out behind the curtain as the fans begins to fill the arena with boos. Ryan Savage slowly makes his way down to the ring looking on to the sea of fans here tonight. Savage takes one step on the steel steps and bends over to pick up a microphone and continues to climb up the steel steps on to the ring apron entering the ring. Ryan Savage stands in the middle of the ring as he listens to the response of the fans. Ryan Savage slowly shakes his head and look at the Anarchy Wrestling Organization logo. Then Ryan Savage begins to speak despite of the boos that the fans are directing towards Ryan.

For the past couple of weeks I have been dominating every man who has been put in my path. I have defeated Zeke Nero, Hank Hanson, Jacob Wolfe and Dane Jerez. Two of the men in that list I have taken out for good. Those two people were multi champions one was a legend and the other one was a fraud thinking that he was a legend or going to be a legend one day. But I put a halt to that by dominating him two weeks ago making him tap out to the armbar. Now you people won't see or hear from Jacob Wolfe again because I did what I sought out to do and that was to embarrass the "Instant Joke" so badly that he has gone in seclusion for the rest of his life. As for Hank Hanson his fate was sealed when he dare challenge me and destroying the memories I had left of my ex hero, I did what any normal man would do that would just put the old man to sleep. Which I did in that steel cage match a few weeks back, that not only he wasn't able to compete again physically. *Ryan points to his head and begins tapping it with his finger* but I destroyed him mentally as well that Hank Hanson had no choice to retire and leave the wrestling world what little dignity and self respect that he had left.

Ryan Savage closes his eyes thinking what he was going to say next, then he slowly opens them looking at the fans faces once again as they look upset and angry at Ryan Savage as they towards him and one fan in particular shouts at Ryan Savage saying "I hate you" while the rest of the fans chanted "You Suck"

I went on to my next opponent Dane Jarez and once again the same result followed as I had my hand raised above my head defeating the rebellious one. This victory wasn't any other victory because before that match happened Dane Jarez already know who he was dealing with. Unlike my opponents from the past he didn't challenge me out of arrogance or thinking that he can beat me stopping my momentum. He knew what boundaries that he shouldn't cross. So after the match I offered him to align himself with me and he made the right choice to accept my offer.

Ryan Savage paces back and forth in the ring while the fans is still showing Ryan no respect at all.

All of what happened from the day I have set foot into AWO, all of it happened for a reason. Cause I have ended the career of Jacob Wolfe and destroyed the legacy of Hank Hanson. What you people need to realize and also everyone in the back that I am not a man to be messed with. You need to realize that their is nothing you can do to stop what's fate has decided. If you haven't noticed that the people that I have defeated for the past few weeks it either went good for that person or end terribly. I believe that I am a man of fate. For example when I battled against two of my opponents Zeke Nero and Hank Hanson the aftermath from the two were different. On one hand Zeke Nero is now on the rise to stardom because of me and the side of the coin Hank Hanson is dwelling in obscurity at this very moment. Fate beckons for this to happen and I delivered. Same thing can be said with Jacob Wolfe that he paraded saying that he is the "Instant Classic" but I revealed him nothing more than a fraud, a fake, a joke. Ever since he came back for the second time in this company his fate was sealed and when he encountered me and you all know the result of that match. It only took me a few minuets to make him tap out and now he's gone. But when I came across Dane Jarez from his lack of knowledge of who I am as a person saying that we're the same I had to deal out punishment but unlike my other opponents I gave him a chance to prove his worth, his value as a wrestler in this company and he fate has changed when he aligned himself with me the greatest wrestler that has set foot in this company.

Ryan stands in the middle of the ring once again and a smile slowly appears of the face of Ryan Savage as he drops his microphone to the ground and exits the ring advancing up the ramp to the backstage area not looking back at the fans.

OCC: Can you all tell me what you think about this promo? Do you think it's a good idea to add this new gimmick or whatever to Ryan Savage or should I keep him the same?
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