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 Out with Insane. Enter Matt Knoxville!

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Out with Insane. Enter Matt Knoxville! Empty
PostSubject: Out with Insane. Enter Matt Knoxville!   Out with Insane. Enter Matt Knoxville! EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 3:30 pm

"All About The Power" by S-Preme plays as Insane comes out to new music AGAIN, he has his baseball bat with him and is walking alone. Insane enters the ring and has a sad look on his face from the second loss in a row, this time it was to get into the bank heist match.

I know all of you expect me to ramble on about how my second loss was due to cheating and such, but I am not going to do this, I cheated and I paid the price. You all saw what I did, I hit Dane Jerez with this very baseball bat on Adrenaline, not once but twice, it still has blood stains on it from where I busted him open. Don Manly tried to help me but by then, all three of us knew I had lost the match when I got rolled up. So for not meeting the standards of AWO, Insane quits.

The crowd start cheering and chanting "You Suck at him, they start chucking food at him and he just stands there.

I'm not finished. Let me finish, Insane may have decided to quit, but that also allows for the debut of an unknown wrestler who I you guys are going to love even more than you love me!

Insane drops his baseball bat and starts to remove his face paint, the crowd seem confused and start shouting "WHAT?" throughout the arena, Insane finishes removing his face paint and finally says.

Insane is done for, so I think it's time to say that I was never truly Insane, it was just a gimmick for attention, it started when I was a kid and ever since then people called me insane, so I stuck with that nickname for a while. My Mother decided I should be tested, the results came back as a negative bu I wanted to be Insane so much that when I started what I truly loved -wrestling- I used the name Insane when I entered the arena. But like I said his time is up as a proffesional wrestler and it is time to turn a new leaf in my book and finally use my birth name, my real name, and that name is Matt Knoxville.

Insane A.K.A. Matt Knoxville leaves the ring after picking up his baseball bat as "All About The Power" plays through the speakers, he waves to the crowd as they start screaming "Matt Knoxville!" at him. He seems happier than when he entered and definitely less crazy than before. Matt stops at the end of the ramp and remembers that he forgot to say something.

Oh and Don, the Acts Of God just got manlier!

Matt flexes his muscles at on the ramp and finally leaves the arena with the crowd definitely in shock.
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Out with Insane. Enter Matt Knoxville!
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